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Little Colorado 028UNF Handcrafted Potty Chair With Accessories
Little Colorado 028unf Handcrafted Potty Chair  Accessories

Made of resilient Baltic birch plywood and easy to clean our new potty trainer is a traditional style that your toddler will love to spend time using. Stable and comfortable learning is made easier when favorite books and toilet paper are within reach. Our potty chair is available with or without the toilet paper holder and book rack accessories which can be easily added or removed.The removable plastic chamber used in our potty chair is an industry standard size for easy replacement. The...

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You also have a choice of eight different colors of potty chairs, allowing you to choose your child's favorite color. Crafted of Baltic birch woodLow maintenanceRemovable plastic chamberChoose your child's favorite colorAccessory option includes toilet paper holder and book rackDimensions: 18L x 13W x 16H inchesRecommended ages 18 months-4 years Beginning the process of potty training can be a challenging milestone in your child's development and will take plenty of time and patience. This miniature version of an adult chair is molded from a single piece of resilient Baltic Birch material, which makes for easy clean up and sits ground level so your child can be more independent. The industry-standard, removable plastic chamber will slide out from the back of the potty chair to minimize any spills during use. All packing insulation is 100% post-consumer recycled. Accessory Option: includes removable magazine rack and toilet paper holder. Little Colorado is a Green Company All finishes are water-based, low-VOC made by Sherwin Williams and other American manufacturers. To start the adventure into toilet training, we recommend the Handcrafted Potty Chair, which is designed to help your child achieve potty training successfully. Wood raw materials come from environmentally responsible suppliers. MDF used is manufactured by Plum Creek, and is certified green, CARB-compliant, and low-formaldehyde. To help accessorize your child's potty chair, we suggest choosing the accessory option with removable toilet paper holder and book rack, which makes this potty chair closely resemble an adult chair.

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Our FIRST So Truly Real vinyl baby doll featuring a unique body design that captures an incredible level of realism and further brought to life with baby soft RealTouch vinyl skin it s an exclusive. When we stumbled upon this Martha Stewart lemon candle recipe we were in awe.