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Mountain Hardwear Laminina Z Torch Sleeping Bag 0 Degree Synthetic Women S  | sports & outdoors > outdoor recreation > camping & hiking > sleeping bags  | April - 2018

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Lamina Revamp Ripstop fabric offers lightweight durability and water-resistance. The Mountain Hardwear Women's Laminina Z Torch 0 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag delivers women-specific warmth for winter camping in a synthetic package with lightweight compressibility that rivals the performance of down. The result is a bag that insulates more efficiently while saving weight and packing down smaller. A slight wider mummy cut allows you wear layers to bed when it's truly frigid outside. Thermal. Q insulation is highly compressible and maintains excellent loft, which, when combined with Lamina construction, rivals the performance of down. Lamina welded construction anchors continuous insulation to a seamless, water-resistant shell fabric, and it allows the insulation to be selectively zoned to maximize warmth where you need it most while reducing weight and bulk in other areas. And unlike down, Thermal. Q will continue to insulate even if it gets wet. This women's model also packs more insulation than men's bags since women have been proven to sleep at colder temperatures than their male counterparts.