Using Streak Window Cleaners A Beautiful View

Nothing instantly brightens up a room more than clear, clean, spotless windows. And sometimes it seems nothing is more unattainable than clear, clean, streak free windows. Everyone has a word of advice to share on what works best: “Wash them with old newspaper”, “try vinegar”, “use coffee filters”, “mix water and vinegar with baking soda and wipe with newspaper followed by coffee filters…”, and so on. Who hasn’t tried out any of these ideas on their windows? But in all honesty, there is no getting around using streak free window cleaners to make your windows crystal clear and let the sunshine in.

The Tools of Capture

Streak free window cleaners merit their name because they contain ammonia, a powerful agent capable of cutting through tough, caked-on dirt and grime. The cleaning power of these super cleaners depends on their percentage of ammonia (FULLER Ammoniated Window Cleaner). They are much less likely to leave a residue on windows, which is, by the way, part of the problem with other makeshift window cleaners. Yet, using the very best streak free window cleaner alone may not give you the desired finish if you are not using the proper tool to rinse it off. Cloths, sponges, and good old newspaper can certainly do the job of removing dirt, but they often fail to remove all the cleaner. Hence, you have clean windows with streaks – your efforts have been fruitless.

The secret to having clean, streak free windows is to use a squeegee on them. Squeegee window cleaners, when kept in firm contact with the glass pane, effectively remove dirt and window cleaner with a single swipe. Well, more like a few swipes, but the end result is a beautifully clean and clear window. After you have applied your streak free window cleaner and spread it around with a wet sponge or cloth, squeegee everything off your window in a downward direction. Be sure to wipe the squeegee blade with a clean, damp cloth in between swipes. When washing outside windows on upper floors, the same method can be employed by attaching your squeegee to a telescopic window cleaner / duster pole (FULLER Adjustable Telescopic Handle). You can simply hose your windows down standing on the ground, and then use your squeegee to remove the dirt. It is a far more practical method than climbing up and down a ladder carrying a full bucket and handful of cloths, not to mention safer.

Squeegee blades, like any cloth or sponge, eventually wear out from use. Don’t throw your squeegee away. Simply replace the blade (FULLER 9 ½” Squeegee Blade) and your squeegee will last you for many years.

Let the Sunshine In

It is not impossible to wash your windows to a crystal clear, streak free finish. Using the right products, tools, and techniques will readily give you the results you want in less time than you think. Just in time for the sunset, watching animals enjoy your garden, or watching the hummingbird as it flits by.