Making A Decision And Being Fearless

In this article I am going to show you how to make a decision...and make it now!

if you are like most you find it hard to make a decision sometimes, a decision like getting on the right exercise program or getting the right job!

Today I want to show you a simple method that will help you make one. No matter how confused you are.

Why? Because indecision sucks, it can cause you to lose the woman of your dreams, it can cost you to lose wealth that belongs to you, it can cost you time or that one opportunity that could change your life. But this all ends here if you follow a simple rule

This is a secret rule that never fails and it goes like this:

"Choose the unknown over the known, choose the risky over the non risky"

This applies to love, if you are in love with someone and are not taking action because you are scared, do it now" don't think before you jump. Jump and then take all the time you need to think!

Hindsight is 20/20, but I will tell you something, if you don't jump there will be no hindsight because the opportunity will pass you by!

If you are making a business decision but are not sure of the consequences take it any way...

If you are deciding between a known exercises like the sit up versus the fast abs program choose the fast abs program!

Remember the new always outsells the old and the new always has some opportunity to offer than the old. Even if the decision is a bad one...this is what living life outrageously is all about! This is what being courageous is all about!

Always be ready to move from the known to the unknown, in anything and in any experience.

It is far better even if the unknown proves worse than the known-that is not the point, just the change from the known to the unknown, is what matters. It is immensely valuable

People say old is gold, I don't agree, but even if all that is old is gold, forget about it-always choose the new-gold or no gold, it dos not matter, what matters is your choice to learn, your choice to live life to the fullest, your choice to go into the dark, slowly, your courage will develop and you will soon become fearless in all you do!

Always remember that with fear there is always cowardliness and there is bound to be mediocrity.

So start with this simple exercise

Always remember, whenever there is a choice to be made, choose the unknown, the risky, the dangerous, the insecure and you will not be at a loss!

For instance, trying to fix a relationship but you are scared of the consequences? Do it anyway-there is nothing to lose

Someone hurt you and you are scared to trust? Choose the unknown- give it a shot!

Thinking of running a marathon? Do it! What have you got to lose- even if you don't finish it, you still did it!

Thinking of changing jobs-change it- then worry later about the consequences.

I wish I had known this rule a few months ago; it would have saved me lots of anguish and trouble!

Remember people indecision is the killer of creativity of life, if you don't make a decision life will make one for you and it wont be the one you want!

So be bold and take action, change your body today with the fast abs program


This is what life is all about!

Hope this article was helpful

Your friend

Rob Maraby