September Blogs

Can You Avoid The Flu By Changing Your Attitude?

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Do you want to avoid getting sick this winter? Try changing your attitude. A new study shows that a ‘Positive Emotional Style can protect you against the flu and common cold. The study, reported this week in Psychosomatic Medicine, looked at how emotional style altered the. ...more here.

Heartburn: Herbal Remedies For Heartburn

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There are some herbal heartburn remedies that have been known and used for quite some time now. The three most commonly used herbal remedies are chamomile, which is botanically known as Matricaria Recutita. Peppermint which is also botanically known as Mentha Piperita and Ginger that. ...more here.

Strep Throat – A Common Disease Among Children

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Strep throat (usually a more severe form of sore throat) is a very common disease, afflicting thousands of people during flu seasons. Although strep throat can be developed by anyone, at any time, the disease is most often seen in children, who tend to catch the disease in winter or. ...more here.

All About Sleep Apnea

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Do you feel restless, have morning headaches, feel irritated, is forgetful, sweat at night, frequently go to the toilet etc? If yes, then you are probably suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a type of sleep disorder in which the patient suffers from pauses in breathing while. ...more here.

Memory Foam Mattress And Pain Relief

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If you suffer from chronic pain in your joints, back, lower back or neck etc. then you will know what its like to never be able to sit down or go to bed without being in severe discomfort most of the time. It seems that what should be the most comfortable furniture in the house has. ...more here.

Searching For A Relevant Business To Business Directory Or B2b Directory?

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, October 30, 2006 - Business seems to be in the air. Business through the Internet seems to have become easier. As demand reaches a feverish pitch, business portals have found a tendency to be launched with more flexible options to opt from. In the present. ...more here.

The Top Five Essential Business Tools

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To make a home business run smoothly and professionally a person needs some essential tools. These tools are important to making the workload easier and keeping the business organized. The following list explains the top five important home business tools. 1. Word processing and. ...more here.